A program to simplify your shopping by helping you create and manage shopping lists.



The list

The list itself has three main parts to it: The scrollable item list, the static item display and the static summary display.

Item list

The item list is a scrollable area with all the items on the list. The list has X columns. First the "checked" column, having a checkbox in it. If the item is in the cart/basket, this is checked. Second, the quantity column, telling how many items that are bought. Third is the name of the item, fourth is the price per unit, fifth the unit and last the total price. All in one row, hopefully.


In basket Quantity Unit Item PPU Price
  6 pk Noodles 4,50 27,00
X 0,67 kg Minced meat 64,50 43,22

In the list, everything is easily editable so that quantity, name, price and unit can all be readily inserted or updated. Adding a new item should also be very simple, making it easy to add to the list things you forgot to write down or just buy on impulse.

Static item display

If all columns cannot be squeezed together, a larger separate area can be used to show the details of a selected item. The item can also be made to expand when selected, showing all info.

Static summary

This area shows a summary of the list. The number of items in the basket and on the list and the total cost of all items. This makes it easy to keep track of how much your basket will cost and how much more shopping you have left.

The recipie display

In the program, recipies can be entered and shopping lists can be automatically created from those recipies. If all items are added to the database, an estimated cost can also be calculated.

The item database

In here, different stores can be added and items can be added to them. This makes it easy to compare prices or make cost estimates.